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Studio Hours

Monday & Friday 11am-6pm
Tuesday-Thursday 11am-2pm
(other times by arrangement)

If you are going to play the violin, why not be an artist?

The Artist Violin Studio is a school that was created for this very purpose.  Our philosophy reflects the belief that enjoyment of playing an instrument well takes a dedication of joy, time and discipline. So why not give it your all?

We live in a world where the word ‘artist’ is frequently used as an adjective to denote an exalted position.  Many times, to be considered an ‘artist’ is to be synonymous with the pinnacle of one’s given genre. The people at the AVS see this as a worthy aspiration.

At AVS, we understand that perhaps everyone won’t be a professional violinist or violist. However, no matter which point we are in our development, we all can benefit greatly from guidance that asks us to reach for our highest form of self-expression.  Our students also benefit from recitals held twice a year. Besides being musical examples of their work, the recitals help to develop the student’s self-esteem while nurturing their appreciation for dedicated effort.

The Artist Violin Studio is a place for artistic inspiration and musical advancement.